ME Vac Idea Begun on 2006 , upon the outbreak of Avian influenza in Egypt & foot & mouth Strain A outbreak also , which Both Affected Egyptian Animal Health & Caused a lot of loses in the Animal Production as there was no intermediate or Emergency Vaccination to protect the Animal Health from the invasion of this out break

ME VAC Milestone begun on 2007 , by setting the Action plan for Establishing the First Private Vet. Vaccines Facility in EgyptME VAC officially Launched in 2011 with An Egyptian , French , American partnership , utilizing the  most recent Global technologies in the Vaccines Production 

  • Ensure safety, potency and efficacy of veterinary vaccines using international technology standards.
  • To defend the community against the threats of emerging infectious diseases by customizing vaccines for local specific diseases.
Customized Protection.

Innovative Solution

Global Technology

Linking With Field

ME VAC Mision

ME VAC Introduction

  • We apply the following principles with the highest ethical standards and integrity:
  • Ensure compliance with Egyptian laws and regulations while adhering to international quality standards.
  • Conduct research as an essential element of science
  • Research-based decision making
  • Develop, and support a high-quality and diverse work force. 
  • Improve animal health by developing high quality veterinary vaccines with affordable prices
  • Contribute to support Egypt & Middle East  self-sufficiency in animal vaccines

ME VAC Principales

Global Technology for Better Protection

ME VAC Vision